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Our unique approach to reconnecting young people to the earth is: growing organic gardens with kids, teaching them about healthy living, and feeding them wholesome and organic foods. We apply this Grow Teach Feed model as an after school program and over school breaks.

Grow Teach Feed After School Program

Grow: For urban kids, engaging with the natural world often means chasing a squirrel or a pigeon off the sidewalk. That's why we offer a different look at nature by setting up organic edible gardens right where the kids are. By personally planting, growing and tending an organic vegetable and herb garden at school, kids learn about their own health, wellbeing, and their connection to our planet—positive messages that affect them the rest of their lives. Best of all, they get to cook and eat the fresh produce they grew!

Teach: Through interactive lessons offered 1-4 times per week depending on the school's needs, knowledgeable instructors lead kids in creatively learning about the food they eat, how they are affected by the way food is produced, and how to care for themselves and their planet. Besides learning through indoor activities, the kids get hands-on experience in outdoor activities in their school's garden.

Feed: We provide growing young Chicagoans with More Positive Foods that are wholesome, less processed, more than 70% organic and local when available. These foods come from the garden and from OSP, and kids eat them as snacks and ingredients for hands-on cooking lessons.