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Our Mission

Organic School Project has encouraged healthy lifestyles for over 3,500 kids and thousands of families since our founding in 2005. Our mission is to combat childhood obesity and related health epidemics through the Grow Teach Feed model, laying the foundation for urban youth to build sustainable lifestyles.

What Is the Grow Teach Feed Model?

Grow: We reconnect kids to their food source by growing organic gardens with schools and community members. Besides being a science lab where we learn about nature and ecosystems, the garden is a lovely place to get exercise and sunshine, to sit and think, to socialize, and to observe what it takes for living things to be healthy.

Teach: We teach kids and families about nutrition, cooking, and caring for our planet one to four days per week, depending on the partner school’s needs. Our lessons get kids and adults interacting with nutrition through cooking and learning about healthy foods and where they come from.

Feed: We feed kids More Positive Foods as after-school snacks and ingredients in cooking lessons. More Positive Foods are wholesome, less processed, over 70% organic, and sourced locally when seasonally available—as often as possible, directly from the school’s own garden!